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I'll Have What She's Having - Bobbie Houston

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Could this be the ultimate compliment? That someone else would observe your lifestyle, attitude, sense of purpose, and conviction, and desire the same in her own life? Bobbie Houston is convinced that this is the ultimate compliment, as well as an inspiration for every woman who wants to live up to her full potential.

Written for women of all ages, I'll Have What She's Having is an encouraging handbook for both personal transformation and leadership development. Bobbie shows how you can break out of your limited ideas of who you are into the glorious freedom and joy of the daughters of the Kingdom of God.

She motivates you to claim your birthright, become a woman of conviction, and live with such resolve that nothing can daunt you. I'll Have What She's Having challenges you to live your life in this world with such colour and vitality that others just can't help but say... "I'll have what she's having!"